Are glass shower doors safe?

When it comes to the choice of shower doors, it is often necessary to consider products made of plastic or glass. There are cases when people have certain doubts about the safety of glass doors. It is safe to say that they will be stronger and more durable than plastic counterparts.

Modern technologies allow the glass to be processed in such a way that it can withstand substantial mechanical loads, so it will be quite problematic to break or deform such doors. If you don’t want to install glass doors for a shower just because you are worried about their health risks in case they break, then it’s completely in vain.

Practice and numerous tests show that breaking doors made of tempered glass is extremely problematic, so you can be sure that they will last a long time. This option is also good due to the fact that taking care of the doors of this glass is extremely simple, they have a presentable appearance and can act as a decent interior decoration.

Why are they safe?

Tempered glass is made by special technology. It consists of several layers, undergoes heat treatment, and most models have an additional coating in the form of a film. Triplex is a kind of glass that, when broken, is not painted into numerous fragments, but remains on a special adhesive film. Such glasses are installed in cars.

As for this glass, which is used for the manufacture of the doors of shower rooms or cabins, they can also boast of high strength, so it will be extremely difficult to even break them. Studies have shown that this material can withstand enormous loads, sharp blows with sharp objects. This is far from the glass to which we are accustomed, for example, installed on the windows of old houses.

The thickness of the door of this level will be around eight or ten millimeters, it all depends on the model and manufacturer. In any case, the design will be extremely reliable and durable, so there is no need to worry about safety.

As for the harm to health, the glass doors will be much safer than plastic counterparts in terms of environmental cleanliness. These products do not harm the health of children and adults, so it can be safely installed in a variety of objects.

Manufacturers make sure that the doors do not have sharp edges and edges, they are all polished so as to prevent injury to the door during their operation. The design turns out to be as safe and durable as possible, it is very easy to take care of, so there will be no cause for concern.

Modern manufacturers have proven themselves from the best side, so you can have confidence that the glass doors for the shower will last for many years, preserving their original appearance, and there will be no safety problems at all. Thousands of people have already managed to test this on their own personal experience, who preferred this product.

The choice of doors for the shower - a responsible matter, but if the problem lies in the doubts of the safety of glass doors, then do not worry. You can even order their production according to individual sizes, choose the color, transparency and thickness of the valves.

An individual approach to the implementation of the order will provide exactly the doors that will be safe, beautiful and durable. It turns out that the doors of tempered glass will be much more advantageous in comparison with analogs made of plastic, but the latter may have a lower cost, so to date they have not lost their relevance.

Summing up again, we note that you should not worry about the poor security of the glass doors for the shower, as this is nothing more than a myth and a delusion.


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