Frosted glass tabletop - a non-standard, but modern solution

Modern glass tables due to the technologies used in their production, can have any purpose.

Direct evidence of this is the use of glass to create worktops. It would seem that such a fragile material as this can not be used for a piece of furniture that is used most often in everyday life and must bear the maximum load. But it is not.

Modern design

Such designs have experienced their first peak of popularity more than half a century ago. In the late fifties of the last century, new trends in furniture design appeared on the wave of constructivism. Simple geometric designs, mirrors and plastic occupy a niche in the design of interiors.

Small glass tables appear and immediately gain popularity. Their design is quite simple - round, rectangular or square design tables made of glass are based on thin iron or wooden legs. This furniture turned out to be quite practical, despite the initial prejudice of buyers, who consider such things fragile and unstable.

The interiors of modern times are hard to imagine without the use of glass elements. New technologies allow you to safely use this material for different types of furniture. A modern round glass table meets all possible safety standards. It is made of either tempered or thick glass from 12 mm. Thanks to technical capabilities, we can use worktops for any type of furniture - from office to kitchen.

Not the last role when choosing a glass piece of furniture plays an ecological material. In our time, almost all the furniture in the house, in the office or in public places is made of cheap, and therefore generally available material chipboard. It is not safe for health, since formaldehyde (or carbon formaldehyde resin) is used to produce it in large volumes, which provokes asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases and more serious diseases. So why not stop the choice on safer furniture? Glossy or frosted glass is a priori environmentally friendly material, because it is made of natural material - sand.

Tables of this type are suitable for different interiors. They are available in different designs and you can find an option for almost any kitchen design.

The material is completely eco-friendly. It does not adversely affect human health or the environment.

As for the minuses, they are:

  • On the surface are very clearly visible stains and spots. Therefore, you have to constantly wipe it to the table looked perfect.
  • Externally, the furniture does not look very durable. And although in fact the reliability of the tables is very high, many still do not acquire it because of seeming unreliability.

Now you know all the main features of frosted glass tabletops and easily select the best solution for your home.


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