Glass shelves - make the interior unique

Shelves of glass with confidence can be called an integral attribute of the modern interior.

And this is justified, because they look elegant, “easy” and aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time they are characterized by practicality and functionality. These shelves can act as part of a rack or cabinet, but are also often “independent” pieces of furniture.

Pros and cons

The main part of such products is a glass plane, fixed in one way or another to the wall. At the same time, holders of glass shelves with which they are attached to the wall, most often, are made of plastic or metal and are not afraid of moisture at all. This will be one of the most important advantages - such products can be used in bathrooms without fear that water will spoil their appearance.

The second indisputable plus is airiness. The glass surface is transparent and does not create obstacles to the eye, which creates a feeling of weightlessness and does not visually take away the space. At the same time, on such shelves it is quite possible to place not too heavy books, collectibles or just various knick-knacks that add comfort.

Modern models of such products can become not only a functional subject, but also take on the role of a peculiar decor. This applies to those models that are equipped with built-in lighting or decorated with additional decor. Illuminated shelves look very nice, but due to the fact that LED strips, which are a source of light, are very small, such glass shelves are mounted on the wall, as the most common.

Classic or exclusive?

In this segment, an extensive selection of products is offered to customers. Companies with an equal share of responsibility and attention create both “typical” designs and exclusive glass shelves. The latter are made on the basis of an individual sketch.

That is why they can have any:

  • Configuration
  • Form.
  • Coloring.

The shelves are made of modern material, which is characterized by durability - tempered glass. If necessary, additional elements of glass or metal can be fixed on the shelf by means of UV gluing. Such a "connection" is reliable, but absolutely imperceptible.

Glass shelves can be purchased in any quantity. In case of need the companies provide departure of the measurer on object.

The best place for this kind of products has always been considered the bathroom. This is natural - here all the positive properties of glass are useful - resistance to water, ease of care and the ability to minimize visually free space.

However, some varieties of such shelves are great for use in other rooms. For example, beautiful glass shelves can be attached to the wall in the living room and place on them a variety of photographs or souvenirs brought from other countries.

A small shelf in the hallway can be used to put keys at the entrance to the house or as a place for gloves. On it you can put any little things for which it is usually difficult to find a suitable place. Given that the dimensions can be any, especially when independently made, to find a corner for such a shelf is not difficult.


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