How much does it cost to install a glass shower door?

Various models of shower partitions and doors make it possible to design an individual shower cabin in size, configuration and design in the bathroom. Fencing products made of glass are always popular with consumers.

With the help of glass doors for the shower and other structural elements visually increase the space of a small room, provide the original design of the bathroom.

At arrangement of a bathroom it is necessary to consider a set of details. This room is usually small, but the functionality it needs is solid - and therefore it needs to literally enter everything you need with jewelry accuracy. At the same time, it is worth buying a shower cabin not only in order to rationally and thoughtfully use the space, but also to give the room an aesthetic look.

This glass shower provides intimate space and also protects the bathroom from splashes. In this case, the cabin may be different:

  • open and closed;
  • with or without pallet;
  • angular or central.

The advantages of glass showers

For the manufacture of a glass-enclosed shower stall, only high-quality tempered glass of at least 8–10 mm is used.

Such material is not afraid of either water or temperature differences and differs from its analogs:

  • increased strength;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • ergonomics;
  • perfect hygiene.


Also glass doors for a shower cabin are easily mounted and do not cause difficulties at operation. They are easy to clean - even colored glass will not lose its attractive appearance during use. Special processing makes the glass and completely safe - even if they are broken, traumatic fragments can be avoided.

Our products are made of tempered (safe) glass with a thickness of 4 to 15 mm or triplex.

The most popular is the usual transparent, frosted, as well as tinted glass. Any product can be decorated using sandblasting (art matting), UV printing (image on glass) or engraving.

We cooperate with many manufacturers and can offer a huge range: from economical Chinese to elite German accessories.

Having established a glass shower partition or door, you will immediately understand what you lacked in an apartment or house. You can easily appreciate the design and beauty of a translucent design. We will manufacture and install you a shower cabin of any size that will not only look beautiful in the interior, but also be reliable, safe, durable and, of course, high-quality.

The price of glass showers

The price of glass shower doors depends on the type and thickness of the material; size, shape and design features; types of accessories and art processing. It is advantageous to purchase cabins in companies that not only install structures, but also independently produce glass. The absence of intermediaries will provide a reduction in cash costs that affect the final cost.

The reliability of such glass showers is due to the simplicity of the design and the quality of the materials that we select based on your needs, as well as the thickness of the glass (from 8 millimeters. In contrast to the finished shower).

For longevity, we guarantee and give you a guarantee for a long time. The quality is excellent, thanks to our qualified specialists and the unsurpassed Italian equipment for processing glass products.

The result - you will be satisfied with our work!


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