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About Us

Here at Argo, we offer an impressive range of glass interior items that will create a unique, modern environment for you and your entire family.

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and we believe that everyone’s bathroom should feel divine.

We have been making glass products for just over a year now. This has allowed us to prove ourselves among local residents and earn an ever-increasing reputation for our quality and workmanship. We’re established in the city of Milwaukee; meaning that you do not need to wait weeks for international shipping. We have our own production facility which can reach your home in up to 7 days. Our company employs local specialists who will be happy to provide expert advice and product measurements among other services.

We specialize in glass tops, shelves, mirrors, and doors for shower cabins. You can pay for your order directly on our website by specifying the delivery address and your contact details.



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