Stained glass is stylish and modern!

Many consider art-treated glass the most spectacular finishing material, which has no equal.

The arsenal of expressive means and decorative possibilities of the stained glass is limitless. It allows you to organize the space according to the laws of beauty, to create an inspired atmosphere in the interior that is light, changeable and unpredictable.

On a sunny morning, an artistic stained-glass window on the glass will sound like a major improvisation, in the evening lights a peaceful romantic chord. Softly refracting and scattering streams of light, it illuminates everything around with colorful rainbow sparks. Stained glass is the antipode of the standard “without any signs” decoration and mass stamping. In a popular song, it says: "Everything is made of plastic, and plastic life around." The existence of a stained glass window gives hope that this is an exaggeration.

The art of stained glass has a long history.

Today, the manufacture of stained-glass windows to order is again in demand by people able to appreciate the magic power of glass, its artistry and nobility.

What stained glass windows are ordered most often?

  • Windows and doors
  • ceilings and niches
  • walls and fixtures
  • interior decoration
  • monumental panels for clubs or restaurants - you can order an author's stained glass window of any kind and size.

Artists and craftsmen feel the texture of glass well, possess classical and innovative techniques, and various painting styles. The technology of making an artistic stained-glass window presupposes the ability to perfectly fit the decor into the architecture of the room: to build a composition, choose a color scheme, find the right rhythm and structure of the layout of the elements - so that you can make your dream come true and the laws of harmony do not break. In some cases, smooth transitions of colors and curved lines are used, in others - contrasting color joints and energetic installation.

Stained-glass art can look like a fancy ornament and even reproduce the coloring of the old painting - “Rembrandt” golden haze, the pure colors of the early Renaissance. Some stylistic decisions, whether expressive avant-garde or restrained classics, require their approach and special manner of performance.

Subtle sophistication, bright individuality, special energy and style, fragility that gives charm - these are stained glass windows in the interior of houses and apartments, making them different from others. Ever since humanity learned to paint glass and connect fragments with copper wire, stained glass windows have become not only part of the temples, but also people's dwellings. Techniques of modernity allow you to create stained glass windows in different techniques with ease and high level of craftsmanship, to make them not only a stylish and unique decor of the premises, but also an expression of the excellent taste of the owner.


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