What is better frameless or framed shower doors?

The choice of doors for a shower can be quite a difficult task, as modern products of this type are extremely versatile. In general, these doors can be divided into two categories - frameless doors, as well as framed. Often people have questions about which designs should be chosen.

The whole problem is that it is visually difficult to understand which option is more durable, more beautiful or more affordable in terms of cost. Glass doors are still perceived by many as a rather fragile and dangerous construction, but this is far from the case. Regardless of which doors you choose in the end, you can be sure that they will serve for a long time, there will be no security problems, as it is extremely problematic to break the design. Practice shows that the choice should be made on the basis of personal preferences, since there are no secrets or tricks at all, and both designs can boast of good tightness and durability.

What is the difference between these types of doors?

Framed doors are a classic solution that will soon be perceived as an outdated solution. From the name it becomes clear that the whole structure is based on a frame, which is often made from aluminum profiles. Separate tempered glass parts are already attached to it. Thanks to silicone seals, it is possible to achieve high sealing performance of a shower cabin or box, so that there will be no problems with the operation of such doors.

You can choose this option if you are interested in financial savings or simply do not want to acquire innovative solutions that you are not sure of. Framed doors have proven themselves to be used in thousands of shower rooms. They are easy to operate, there are no problems in the course behind them. The choice of such doors is extremely extensive, so you can choose them in accordance with the color, individual preferences, as well as other features that will be important for you.

As for the frameless doors for the shower, this is a relatively new constructive solution, which continues to rapidly gain popularity. The absence of a pronounced frame structure makes the shower room more elegant and modern. Glasses are used hardened, so there will be no security problems. They are very difficult to break, and if this happens, the glass will not crumble into a pile of small fragments, as it is reinforced with a special film. All joints between the glasses are worked out with a special sealant.

If you choose to install frameless glass doors, you still do not have to worry about their tightness. Water absolutely will not be distributed outside the shower room, so worry you will simply have nothing to. As for the colors, there is full scope for the implementation of design ideas. Such doors can be of any color, so it is easy to choose them in accordance with the implemented interior.

Selecting framed or frameless shower doors will be easier if you personally become familiar with these options in practice. You just need to visit the theme shop and personally touch the products, chat with consultants, ask questions that arise when inspecting glass doors.

Recently, consumers have been focusing on frameless doors, as they look richer, more modern and stylish, so with that choice you will definitely not lose. There is no doubt that it will be possible to choose the doors that can make the shower room more modern and stylish. Also, these products can be ordered according to individual sizes, if the shower room is of non-standard sizes. In any case, you yourself will choose the appropriate option for yourself.


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