What is the best glass thickness for a shower door?

Sometimes it is quite problematic to choose glass doors for a shower, especially if you pay attention to their technical characteristics. Consumers for whom they are important, often pay attention to the thickness of such doors, as this indicator indicates the strength of the product, as well as its durability.

Indeed, the thickness of the glass in this case will be important, as it directly indicates the resistance to mechanical damage of the purchased product, as well as the stability of the whole structure, safety and its reliability. The thickness affects the mass of the structure, so you need to choose it so that the shower cabin does not experience unnecessary loads, as this may also affect its reliability and durability.

At the moment, standards have been defined governing the thickness of glass doors for the shower. It was possible to determine the optimal values ​​at which it is possible to provide the necessary balance in the technical and operational features of the structure.

It should be noted that all these standards are also taken into account by manufacturers of fittings for these doors, so that it can approach them without implementing even the slightest modifications and adaptations during installation work. Even if the doors of glass will be made to individual sizes, you will need to work with standardized glass, because otherwise there will be problems with the selection and installation of the necessary hardware. If it is decided to use glass for the production of custom-made doors, which is of non-standard thickness, then in this case it will be necessary to order exclusive accessories.

The cost of its production will be quite high. Fortunately, standardized raw materials abound, so private companies producing custom-made glass doors often work with such raw materials in order to protect themselves from any problems in the course of the installation of the structure at the facility.

What is the thickness of the door?

Leading manufacturers of similar products in their practice use glass having a thickness of eight and ten millimeters. The first option is great for a shower of low size, which do not have an outstanding width. A centimeter glass can be installed already in sufficiently high shower rooms, reaching from the floor to the ceiling. Here, rather wide glass parts are already used, so you have to thicken them in order to achieve maximum safety performance. A huge amount of fittings are made under glass of such thickness, so there will be no problems with its choice.

It is important to understand that glass, having a thickness of eight or ten millimeters, will be highly resistant to mechanical stress, so in any case it will be safer than glass, which is often used in shower enclosures. In cabins of different manufacturers, doors with a thickness of four to six millimeters are installed. There is a frame structure there, so these indicators are often abound.

If we talk about doors made of glass having a thickness of four or six millimeters, they can only be used in the frame structures of small shower enclosures, since in other cases there will be problems with the strength properties and safety indicators of the structure as a whole.

You can not worry about the fact that the choice of the glass door for the shower will carry some risks. If the shower is medium in size, then doors that are eight or ten millimeters thick will be enough. Under this standard, it will not be difficult to find decent fittings, and not to spend money on its individual production. As you can see, everything here has long been standardized, so the thickness of the doors depends on the loads under which they will be used.


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