Glass shelves add a touch of class and elegance to any wall

We make bespoke glass shelves, tops and mirrors to suit anyone’s taste. With a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs available, why not look into glass shelves as an elegant and practical addition to your home?

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Why should I choose glass shelves over regular shelves?

So, how can you utilize our stylish glass shelves in your home? Modern interior design relies increasingly on glass shelves to provide not only style, but practicality and robustness. These graceful shelves can complement a multitude of rooms and design styles without looking garish or out of place. The best part is that they also have a useful function!

  1. Waterproof and easy to clean

    Glass shelves, needless to say, are completely waterproof, meaning that you needn’t worry about any spillages or accidents! Their material also makes them incredibly easy to clean and maintain, as a simple wipe with a cloth and some window-cleaner should do the trick!
  2. Strong tempered glass construction

    Our glass shelves are shockproof and completely safe. Their tempered glass construction makes them almost completely impervious to bumps and scratches, as tempered glass is renowned for its strength, quality, and style.
  3. Customizable styles

    We offer glass shelves both with and without frames, depending on what suits your home and personal aesthetic best. There are also further customisation options such as coloring and printing, meaning that you can truly match your new shelves to your décor.
  4. Suitable for any room

    Glass shelves can conveniently be installed in any room of your house without looking out of place. Our customization options allow you to create the glass shelves of your dreams and tailor their design to match your chosen room’s aesthetic.


Where can I use glass shelves?
Glass shelves can hold a decent amount of weight, and may be ideal for:

  1. Kitchens

    Need a fashionable new spice rack? Glass shelves are a stylish addition to any kitchen.
  2. Bathrooms

    Glass shelves’ construction makes them ideal for bathroom use despite any damp or humid conditions.
  3. Fashion Statements

    Glass shelves can be used around living spaces in your house such as living rooms and bedrooms as stylish home décor.
  4. Bars

    Glass shelves are easy to clean and can be a stylish way of presenting wine glasses and liquor to your guests!
  5. Offices

    Got a bunch of books or files to store? Allow glass shelves to give a modern feel to your office space.

    Complement your fireplace with a transparent shelve for a cozy and wholesome feel to any household.
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1 Choose Your Glass Shelve Shape:
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Irregular Shape Call us
2 Enter dimension for your Shelve: All values in inches Choose Glass StrenghtTemperedAnneaeled
  1. Both sides:
  2. Width:
  3. Thickness:
3 Select Glass Type:
Clear Glass Select
Frosted (Acid-Etch) Glass Select
Bronze Glass Select
4 Select Edging:
5 Select Shelve clips:
15/16" No-Drill Shelf Clamp for 1/2" Satin Chrome Select
Rounded Interior Shower Shelf Clamp Polished Chrome Select
Small Square Interior Shelf Clamp Polished Chrome Select
25/32" No-Drill Round Shelf for 3/8" Chrome Select
  • Shleve form: Square Dimensions: 6 x 6 Glass strenght: Anneaeled
  • Glass type: Clear Glass Thickness: 3/16 Glass type edge: Flat Edge

  • Final cost: 23.70$
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Here at Argo Glass, we have been continually working to establish our growing reputation over the past few years.

Our factory in Milwaukee is our headquarters, where we lovingly manufacture all of our glass products according to our customers’ needs. Why wait for cheap glass from China for up to 21 days? Our US-based production means you’ll have it in about 7 days. We specialize in glass tops, shelves, and mirrors, as well as doors for shower cabins. We only work with the best factories in the USA, and we proudly pay all of our taxes directly to the US government.



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