Window Replacement Service

     Whether you’re improving the appearance of your home, replacing broken windows that are inoperable, or want to improve the energy efficiency and security of your home, Argo Glass & Windows can help you choose the right combination to meet your window needs. We can help you match the window style currently installed. With all of the options available, we may be able to find a style for you with additional benefits such as better lighting, security, air circulation, as well as functionality.

     When to consider new or replacement Window Installation:

  • Window beyond repair
  • Windows not energy efficient
  • Selling your home
  • Tired of the maintenance – want maintenance free windows
  • Update window style
  • Improve air circulation
  • Security
Titl & Turn windows

Titl & Turn windows

Titl & Turn doors

Titl & Turn doors

Picture Window

Picture Window

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Patio Door

Patio Door

Sliding Window

Sliding Window

Picture & Architectural Shaped Windows

Picture & Architectural Shaped Windows

Hooper Windows

Hooper Windows

Baybow & Garden

Baybow & Garden

Casement & Awning Windows

Casement & Awning Windows

Grid Designs

Single Prairie

Perimeter Prairie

Double Prairie







Grid Styles


Flat 5/8"

Contoured 5/8"


Grid Design Options:

  • Decorative grids lend and added measure of style and dimension to your windows
  • All grids are enclosed within the insulated glass unit for easy cleaning
  • Choose a grid profile to achieve your ideal finished look

Contour Grid - available in Colonial, Diamond, Prairie and Double Prairie patterns

Flat Grid - available in Colonial, Diamond, Prairie and Double Prairie patterns

Pencil Grid - available in Colonial, Diamond, Prairie and Double Prairie patterns

CS Ultra Spacer

A spacer keeps a window's dual glass panes the correct distance apart for optimal airflow between panes. Too much or too little airflow can affect the insulating glass efficiency. The design and material of the spacer can also make a big difference in the ability to handle expansion and contraction and thus reducing condensation. All of our products come equipped with our high performance CS Ultra Seal.

Rhino Safety Glass

Strength - Rhino tempered glass is 5-8 times more impact resistant than ordinary annealed glass with bending strength 4-5 times as powerful and higher static pressure loads. The thermal stability of Rhino glass is 1.5-2 times better than regular glass. What this means is that while regular glass would crack at 100 degrees Celsius, Rhino glass can withstand temp of up to 320 degrees before cracking. This makes Rhino glass up to the task to handle those scorching hot summer days.

Safety - Rhino Safety glass provides peace of mind as it is the safest glass on the market due to its unique fracture pattern. When Rhino glass breaks, it breaks into small, relatively harmless blunt glass fragments. This is called "dicing", which are pieces of glass that don't have dangerous jagged edges or sharp shards.

LoĒ-272 Glass

The oppressive heat of the sun is composed of visible light and invisible infrared energy. Cardinal LoĒ-272 is produced with a patented coating technology that allows the daylight to pass through the glass and filters out solar heat. The coating is virtually invisible to the eye yet blocks 84% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. LoĒ-272 blocks enough solar heat that cooling loads can be cut by 25% or more compared to ordinary low-E and clear glass.

Energy Star Certified

High Performance Foam

Tilt & Turn Window

      It used to be that windows opened on a hinge either horizontally or vertically but now thanks to a combination of high precision engineering and premier technology, we are able to offer both in one window. The Tilt & Turn Window features the highest security and strength available in our manufacturing line, coupled with our trademark aesthetic and design, fully customizable and ready to add class and quality to any home.

Tilt & Turn Doors

      Available in a plethora of configurations, the Tilt & Turn Door series offer entry door systems that comprise of ultra-strong steel reinforced materials, offering the top level in security without losing style or functionality. Whether tilted or wide open, the Tilt & Turn Doors offer ventilation, views and a stylish statement in any home, combining European sophistication with Made in America quality.

Picture Windows

    Offering unparalleled viewing area, the fixed Picture Window is a great way to securely let more light in to a home. Windows come with all virgin-vinyl fusion-welded frames, the CS Ultra Spacer and are easy to customize, with decorative options such as grids or finished hardware.

Double Hung Windows

    The beginning of a great home, the timeless double-hung is instantly recognizable, offering security, style and economy. Night latches and tilt-locks as standard, along with the CS Ultra Spacer and durable fusion – welded virgin vinyl frame.

Patio Doors

    Our sliding patio doors are made with a steel reinforcement system and durable uPVC which won't corrode, rot or warp over time. Most importantly, the insulated warm edge CS Ultra Spacer ensures that your glass will stay clear, as well as add comfort to your home. Tempered glass on both panes is standard. Strong and durable, the Patio Doors glide easily over a stainless steel mono-rail track, while heavy duty zinc adjustable tandem roller provide a lifetime of effortless operation. Available in 2, 3 and 4 section configurations. Available in both custom and standard sizes.

Sliding Windows

    Available in 2 or 3 section configurations, the slider is the perfect starting. Simple, stylish and comprising of a fusion-welded sash and frame, featuring the CS Ultra Spacer and Made-In-America hardware, this a great place to start when remodeling or designing a home.

Picture & Architectural Shaped Windows

   Picture and architectural shaped windows are a mainstay of modern classic design. These non-operable windows are available in multiple styles to perfectly align with your choice of remodeling, whether it is classic double-hungs and sliders or the more exclusive casement windows.

Hopper Windows

    The hopper window is a great solution for meeting egress requirements as an alternative to double hung and slider windows. This is an especially popular window for basement application and masonry openings.

Bay/Bow & Garden

    Perfect for any aesthetic, Climate Solutions Bay & Bow Windows are available with Double-Hung, Picture or Casement windows and provide the perfect centerpiece to any room in the house. Whether it is as a snug bench to relax and take in the view, or simply a way to let in as much light as possible: all of our Bow and Bay windows are entirely customizable. Our Bay and Bow windows are made to your exact specifications, from the size of the windows to the energy efficient insulation options, down to the type of wood used for the interior.

Casement & Awning Windows

    The casement window offers the best of both worlds, stylish appearance coupled with efficient climate technology to bring the ultimate fenestration solution, providing the largest area of unobstructed views. All casements come with precision engineered hardware that not only gives a stunning aesthetic but also ease of use and control to the window.