We make and install modern glass shower doors.

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Exclusive frameless glass shower doors

Ordering in custom size have a number of advantages. First of all, the light is shining through the glass.

You can order our bespoke frameless shower doors in a number of custom sizes. Our high-quality glass makes for a gleaming, luxurious shower experience as light streams in through your shower door. Our highly-trained specialists will manufacture your shower door to your specific size and needs as soon as you request it. We don’t believe that you should have to worry about a thing. Unlike some other companies; we take care of all the hassle for you. We cover everything from design, to manufacturing, to a full installation. During installation, we include the full kit of necessary accessories such as holders, hinges, handles of all kinds, pipe-holders, profiles, seals and more. No more struggling with a pesky shower door that won’t fit; we do it all for you. No longer will you have to worry about gaps between walls or leaky silicone filling; we take full responsibility for any and all of these installation hiccups. Allow us to put your mind at ease and take the hassle out of having a brilliant shower door. You can browse our impressive collection of tempered glass doors and find one that suits your tastes! We stock and produce numerous different shapes, sizes, designs, materials and styles. You’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for with Argo Glass.

What are the advantages you will feel by ordering a glass cabin

  1. Unique and modern Design.

    A high-quality glass shower door is a luxurious feature for any bathroom. The shining glass allows for extra light, easy cleaning and an overall decadent feel. Your bathroom’s interior will benefit from the modern chic that a stylish glass shower door can offer you. We stock and produce over 120 different types of shower door, and we can guarantee to find one that suits you.
  2. Custom-Crafted, Fully Measured and Installed.

    Every one of our glass shower cabins is made individually for each client. We take into account all the measurements and requirements that your bathroom may have. Our installation guarantees that you will have no gaps between the walls, and our design team can easily replicate the landscape of your bathroom’s design- mimicking any elegant curves or styles.
  3. Quality Products At Great Prices.

    Argo Glass & Windows simply offer you the best service at the most affordable price. Not only that; we handle everything from the design to the installation. You needn’t worry about shipment or putting up your door because we do it all for you! You see, we’re the experts. We believe that the experts should be the ones fitting your products for you; why should our paying customers have to carry this burden?
  4. Damage Resistance.

    Our high-quality tempered glass has a high resistance to moisture. Argo provides you with the best silicone sealant available on the market. Our engineers install your shower door, seal it, and even check it for leaks after installation. You can be sure that your door will function perfectly without leakage after use. In the unlikely event that leakage occurs; we will rectify this problem as quickly as possible.
  5. Most Durable Materials in the Industry.

    Here at Argo we only use robust tempered glass. Tempered glass is known for its mechanical strength; damage resistance; heat resistance and shatter safety. Slips and falls can happen in shower cabins from time to time; we make sure that our sturdy glass doors don’t succumb to such pressure easily.
  6. Made in the USA.

    We believe in this great nation. Instead of buying the cheapest Chinese glass, we use only national USA-made high-quality products. We follow US-enforced quality standards and procedures to make sure that our glass quality is of the highest level possible. We believe in supporting the US economy, and our US-based employees all pay taxes back into our government.

Order the most modern or create a custom shower door

  1. Corner

    46x32x72 cm = $1300
    50x30x75 cm = $1350
    60x90x80 cm = $1600
  2. Door panel

    72x40 cm = $900
    75x56 cm = $1100
    80x57 cm = $1200
  3. Slinding Door

    73x57 cm = $1300
    77x60 cm = $1450
    80x60 cm = $1500
  4. Stationary panel

    60x30 cm = $500
    75x35 cm = $650
    80x55 cm = $980
  5. Steam shower

    76x57 cm = $1300
    80x60 cm = $1450
    80x50x30 cm = $1900
  6. NEO Angel

    15x15x28x75 cm = $1580
    20x20x29x77 cm = $1700
    30x30x28x80 cm = $1900
The cost includes delivery, installation, shower door kit, glass cleaner, cotton wipe and squed


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About Us

Here at Argo, we offer an impressive range of glass interior items that will create a unique, modern environment for you and your entire family.

They say that cleanliness is next to godliness, and we believe that everyone’s bathroom should feel divine.

We have been making glass products for just over a year now. This has allowed us to prove ourselves among local residents and earn an ever-increasing reputation for our quality and workmanship. We’re established in the city of Milwaukee; meaning that you do not need to wait weeks for international shipping. We have our own production facility which can reach your home in up to 7 days. Our company employs local specialists who will be happy to provide expert advice and product measurements among other services.

We specialize in glass tops, shelves, mirrors, and doors for shower cabins. You can pay for your order directly on our website by specifying the delivery address and your contact details.



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