Glass tops are a gleaming, elegant feature for any interior

As well as glass tops, we also manufacture mirrors and shelves in various sizes and styles on a turn-key basis

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We craft our glass tops individually, customising the shape, size and style to fit any room or envir

The tempered glass we use for our tops makes them highly-resistant to bumps, scratches and hot dishes. Our bespoke glass tops are highly sought after due to their grace and elegance. They also have numerous other benefits, such as:

We provide turn-key services, complete with a quality installation that will last for years:
  1. More than 5 forms available. Customise your tops to meet the unique style and aesthetic of your chosen room.
  2. A unique, opulent aesthetic; complementing the sophistication of any interior. Your glass top is more than a top. It’s a feature.
  3. US-made high quality products rather than cheap imports. We buy only US-produced high-quality products through our partners.
  4. Temperature resistant up to 300°C. No need to worry about strong sunbeams or hot dishes and mugs. Our glass is extremely durable.
  5. Designed and made in the USA. Our standards meet US guidelines and ensure a luxurious finish. Buying from us means that you’re supporting the US economy.
Calculate the cost of your product
1 Choose Your Glass Table Top Shape:
Square Select
Rectangle Select
Race Track Oval Select
Circle Select
E-Oval (Ellipse) Select
Irregular Shape Call us
2 Enter dimension for your Glass Table Top: All values in inches Choose Glass StrenghtTemperedAnneaeled
3 Select Glass Type:
Clear Glass Select
HD Glass Select
Frosted (Acid-Etch) Glass Select
Bronze Glass Select
Grey Glass Select
4 Select Edging:
5 Installation kit details:

Depends on cost, installation kit includes:
- plastic desk buttons
- plastic desk bumpers
- glass cleaner
- gloves

  • Table form: Square Dimensions: 1 x 1 Glass strenght: Anneaeled
  • Glass type: Clear Glass Thickness: 3/16 Glass type edge: Flat Edge

  • Final cost: 21.20$
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About Us

Our wide range of glass interior items add character to your interiors and enhance their aesthetics.

We are Argo Glass, local US manufacturers of glass products. Over the past year, we have established a gleaming reputation with our local customers, and we are now seeking to broaden our horizons. Our central Milwaukee location allows us to ship our products to customers faster than if they ordered internationally-within about 7 days in fact! Argo Glass employs local specialists who will be happy to provide expert advice and product measurements for your new glass products. We specialize in glass tops, shelves, mirrors, and even doors for shower cabins. You can pay for your orders directly via our website by specifying your delivery address and contact details.



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