Mirrors are fasionable and decorative products


We make not only tops, but also mirrors and shelves of any size and complexity on a turn-key basis.

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We craft our mirrors individually, customising the shape, size and style to fit any room or enviroment

  1. Custom mirrors

    Accidentally broken your favorite mirror? That’s bad luck don’t know you know! No worries; we can easily repair your broken mirror.
  2. Repair

    Mirror broken beyond repair? We offer a replacement service for your ill-fated mirrors that promises to replace them as accurately as possible.
  3. Replacement

    Want a bizarre frame or style? We can customize our mirrors to suit your individual tastes and styles.
  4. Custom orders

    Want a mirror in an unusual shape or fashion? We can tailor-make your mirrors to suit any room or aesthetic. Want a star-shaped mirror? No problem. A heart-shaped mirror? No problem. A mirror in the shape of Texas? We’ll try our best.

Our Dedicated Team Is Ready To Serve Your Residential Or Commercial Glass Needs. We can cut, polish, and bevel. There are no standarts in size: you create youe own standarts that fir in your room.

Based on your wishes, you can use mirrors in:

Mirrors are fashionable and decorative products that can economically beautify any room. Lets our extensive array of mirror projects spark your imagination. We customize any job just for you!
  1. Kitchen

    Why not add a mirror to your kitchen? Our range of designs offers something to complement every kitchen, and our steam-resistant materials mean you won’t have to worry about it steaming up!
  2. Bathroom

    A mirror is an essential for any bathroom, and our mirrors are no exception! Our stylish and steam-resistant designs are a go-to for any sleek, modern bathroom.
  3. Exercise Room

    You surely want to be able to see all that progress you’ve been making? An exercise room is the perfect place for a large mirror that will keep you motivated and stylish!
  4. Bar

    Nothing looks classier than a long bar mirror. It’s a classic look, and it’s classic for a reason!
  5. Fireplace

    Complement your fireplace with a warm mirror for a cozy and wholesome feel to any household.
  6. Living Room

    A sleek, stylish mirror from Argo will perfectly complement your living room and add a spacious feel to your home when guests come over.
  7. Dining Room

    A classic, traditional mirror is the perfect fit for a classy dining room. Dine in style with an Argo mirror!
  8. Entryway

    Hang a mirror in your entryway for a warm and spacious welcome to any home. Argo mirrors come in a range of designs to suit any entryway!
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2 Enter dimension for your Mirror: All values in inches
3 Select Thickness:

Note: Safety backing is a film that is pasted on back of the mirror so in case mirror breaks it will remain safe, all broken pieces will stick together rather than falling off the wall.

4 Select Mirror Type:
Clear Mirror Select
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5 Select Mirror Edge type:
6 Select Mirror accessories:
Standard Aluminum J-Channel Brite Anodized
Deep Nose Aluminum J-Channel Brite Anodized
Flat Face Mirror Edge Molding Brite Anodized Aluminum
Quartet Mirror
Clip Set Brite Chrome
Quartet Mirror Clamp Set - Malibu Antique Gold Select
7 Select installation type:
8 Installation kit details:

Depends on cost, installation kit includes:
- Clear Standard Plastic Mirror Clip
- Acrylic blocks
- Palmer Mirro-Mastic

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About Us

We offer a wide range of glass interior items that will create an individual and modern environment for you and your entire family.

We are Argo Glass, local manufacturers of glass; we have been continually working to establish our growing reputation over the past years.

More than a year of work has allowed us to establish production in the city of Milwaukee. You do not need to wait for glass from China for 21 days; our US-based production means you’ll have it in about 7 days. Our company employs local specialists who will be happy to provide expert advice and product measurements. We specialize in tops, shelves, and mirrors, as well as doors for shower cabins. We only work with the best factories in the USA.



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